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Posted 11/27/2010 6:17pm by Lawreen Strauch.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday of the year. Not only because it means the stress and work of the season is winding down, but mainly because it involves lots of family time and great food without the pressure to find everyone the perfect gift…

This year we made a conscious effort to either grow or raise everything on our table ourselves or obtain from other local farms.(Know your farmer, know your food.) The turkey (of course) was raised here, along with the bacon, (paired with some yummy scallops) sausage, (for the stuffing) butternut squash, carrots and pumpkins (resulting in two pies.) Our potatoes came from our friends at Colonial Acres Farm in Wakefield and our corn was grown by the Herrick Farm in Rowley, MA. The fruit used in our apple and blueberry pies originated at DeVylder’s Farm and Eastman’s Blueberries in Wolfeboro.

Overall, it was a great meal! Hope yours was equally as enjoyable. P.S. If you’re thinking ahead to Christmas or New Year’s meals, we still have a few remaining turkeys left – now in the freezer. :)