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Posted 11/17/2011 8:26pm by No-View Farm.

We have a sign next to our scale, made by one of our longtime customers that reads "It Is What It Is." It serves as a gentle reminder that much as we try, things aren't always in our control. When it comes to our fresh turkeys, this rule is especially true.

Despite doing everything in our power to ensure we can provide our customers with the precise size turkey they want - sometimes they run larger or smaller. From managing when we get our turkey poults (last hatch date possible) to shorten the growing season to customizing their diets (grain blends with less protein, supplemented with garden vegetables) it is still a bit of a gamble. Turkeys can't be put on a "diet." Restricing their feed to control their size leads to hungry and unhappy birds whose natural stress response is to peck each other.

So why can you go to the supermarket and find the ideal weight you want? Those birds were raised on large factory farms, processed at the desired weight then frozen, months in advance. Since we are a small farm, processing ours the weekend before Thanksgiving to ensure the freshest bird possible - the size range isn't as exact. (Note - you can find our fresh turkeys at Hunter's IGA in Wolfeboro!)

We hope that our customers understand that "it is what it is" and a few extra pounds of naturally raised, locally grown, farm fresh turkey is never really a bad just means more yummy leftovers!

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Posted 10/30/2011 11:05am by No-View Farm.

As many in the Northeast, we woke up today (October 30) with almost 18 inches of snow! As native New Englanders we shouldn't be surprised by Mother Nature's somewhat random weather events, but with the trees still full of colorful leaves - it just feels way too early! As long as we have been raising pigs (over 20 years) we have never seen them experience snow... They did seem a bit confused at first, but made a few pathways out of their house and seem to be enjoying it! The cows however - don't seem phased in the least! Stay warm and dry :)

Posted 10/13/2011 1:51pm by No-View Farm.

Hmm…have you thought about Thanksgiving yet? Unbelievably it’s only a short 6 weeks away! Is it your turn to host and expecting a crowd or maybe just a cozy gathering for a few? We are now accepting orders for our farm fresh, locally grown turkeys which will be available in a variety of sizes, so no matter the number at your table this holiday we can accommodate.

Our turkeys are raised in a humane environment with plenty of room to exhibit natural behaviors. They are brooded in a nursery with a heat source that mimics a mother hen until they are fully feathered and then move on to the main barn where they reside in a large clean pen with self-feeders, waterers and plenty of access to natural light and fresh air. They are fed a diet of custom mixed grain to meet their nutritional requirements, (free of growth stimulants, hormones, and animal byproducts) which is supplemented with garden vegetables. 
Our turkeys are never frozen, but rather processed by our team on site the weekend before Thanksgiving to ensure freshness.

Be sure to request early to ensure your size preference! Please email your order to and we will confirm.

Looking for an extra special way to thank your employees this holiday? Ask about our local business discount (for orders of six or more turkeys.)

Pick-up day at the farm is Monday, November 21 from 9AM - 6PM. Remember -- Know your farmer, Know your food! :)

Posted 4/11/2011 3:51pm by Lawreen Strauch.

Greetings from No-View Farm!

The snow piles are slowly - but surely - getting smaller and we are forging ahead with our plans for spring! We have had a restful winter and are gearing up for a productive season.

Please find a link below to this year's order form. Please return it with your orders by May 1st. If you are ordering a ½ or whole custom cut pig, please include a deposit of $100 or $150 with your order (by May 15)

When ordering your roaster chickens, please make sure to check the box for giblets. You will only recieve them if requested, as they will be packaged individually and separate from the chicken to facilitate thawing time. Extra packages of chicken hearts, livers and necks can be also be ordered separately. Some people use chicken necks as a treat or as part of a raw food diet for their cats and dogs. We can custom package for you!

At Thanksgiving if we have extra-unclaimed birds, we sell them as ground turkey burger and boneless turkey breast in one pound packages. Legs and wings are also available.  If you are interested in any of these products, please make a note on your order sheet.

We will again be selling products at the Wolfeboro Farmers Market at Clark Park on Thursdays from 12:30-4:30 PM. Stop by and say hello and pick up something fresh for dinner!

If you have any questions about our products or ordering, please direct them to my email address (don’t forget the dash!) Please visit our website throughout the season for updates and information as well as our Facebook page (No-View Farm) and on Twitter (NoViewFarm.)

2011 Order Form

We look forward to working with you this season!

Your local farmers,

Lawreen and David


Posted 11/27/2010 6:17pm by Lawreen Strauch.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday of the year. Not only because it means the stress and work of the season is winding down, but mainly because it involves lots of family time and great food without the pressure to find everyone the perfect gift…

This year we made a conscious effort to either grow or raise everything on our table ourselves or obtain from other local farms.(Know your farmer, know your food.) The turkey (of course) was raised here, along with the bacon, (paired with some yummy scallops) sausage, (for the stuffing) butternut squash, carrots and pumpkins (resulting in two pies.) Our potatoes came from our friends at Colonial Acres Farm in Wakefield and our corn was grown by the Herrick Farm in Rowley, MA. The fruit used in our apple and blueberry pies originated at DeVylder’s Farm and Eastman’s Blueberries in Wolfeboro.

Overall, it was a great meal! Hope yours was equally as enjoyable. P.S. If you’re thinking ahead to Christmas or New Year’s meals, we still have a few remaining turkeys left – now in the freezer. :)


Posted 11/11/2010 2:58pm by Lawreen Strauch.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we've been busy gathering orders and getting things organized for the next few crazy weeks. I recently picked up some "after Halloween" pumpkins at Spider Web Gardens to feed to the turkeys (which they greatly enjoy!) This was one of my first opportunities to run errands in my new little farm truck! Now if they would just unload themselves... :)

Posted 10/10/2010 8:26pm by Lawreen Strauch.

Hard to believe but summer has faded quickly to fall and our turkeys are growing bigger by the day! We are now accepting orders for our farm fresh, locally grown birds which will be available in a variety of sizes, so no matter the number at your table this holiday we can accommodate. Please visit the "Thankgiving Turkey" page to learn more about how we raise and process our turkeys. Order early to ensure your size preference! Please email your order to and we will confirm. Pick-up day at the the farm is Monday, November 22 from 9AM - 6PM.

Posted 5/8/2010 9:16pm by Lawreen Strauch.

Happy Mother's Day! I have to say, I'm guilty of using this wonderful holiday to get my kids to assist with all the things I need to get done before the start of the season (aka cleaning out the compost facility, spreading manure in the fields and getting the fences ready for the cows to head out to pasture.)

Speaking of mothers, we will have four new calves arriving in the month of June! We'll keep you posted :)

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Posted 4/4/2010 9:07pm by Lawreen Strauch.

During our "winter rest" from raising animals, we attack the projects there never seems to be time for the rest of the year. This winter, windows were added to the front and back of the barn and a new entry way was added to the visitor entrance. We were able to use wood milled from trees we previously cleared to make new pastures. Kudos go to my "live-in-carpenter" and better half - he did a great job!



Posted 4/3/2010 2:02pm by Lawreen Strauch.

I recently had the opportunity to promote National Ag in the Classroom Day, by reading two farm related books(one about milk and the other, maple syrup) to a group of kindergarten students at Ossipee Central School. The books were then donated to the school library on behalf of Carroll County Farm Bureau. Our goal was to show the children where their food originates. Happily, these kids had a pretty good idea already :)

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