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Frequently Asked Questions


What size Thanksgiving turkey should I order?
The general rule of thumb is 2 lbs per person for dinner and leftovers.

How is cooking and storing a farm fresh turkey
different from a store bought turkey?

A fresh turkey has a shelf life of approx. 7 days in the fridge (at 40 degrees.) You should remove the giblets from inside the bird when you bring it home. We process our  turkeys the weekend before the holiday at the farm, with pick ups on Monday before Thanksgiving. If you are planning for a Thursday meal, the turkey will only need to be stored for three days.

When cooking your fresh turkey, you should plan on 15 minutes a pound in a 325 degree oven (remember to take out the giblets and deduct their weight from the total!) A fresh turkey is more moist than its frozen counterparts so will cook faster. The turkey is fully cooked when a meat thermometer reads 180 degrees. Most people are surprised to find their turkey done sooner then expected so be sure to keep a close eye!

What is the difference between "organic" and
your, "naturally raised" turkeys?

Certified organic feed is required to produce a truly 'organic' turkey. Though we are supportive of organic farming methods, organic feed is twice the price of standard feed. Therefore, the price per pound of a dressed turkey would essentially have to double. Our birds are fed a diet of custom mixed grain to meet their nutritional requirements (free of growth stimulants and hormones), which is supplemented with fresh garden produce. Learn more about how our turkeys are raised here.

Is a small sized turkey more tender then a large sized turkey? 
No, all our turkeys are the same age, thus no matter what size they are all tender! Age, not size determines tenderness of meat.

When and where do I pick up my turkey?
We process our turkeys the weekend before Thanksgiving,
with customer pick up on Monday from 9 AM - 6 PM.
Directions to the farm can be found here.

What is your price per pound? Our 2020 price is $4.00 per lb.

How can I order a turkey?

You can call the farm at 603-539-7838 or e-mail us. 

All orders will be confirmed.

Please also note the size range you would like. We work within 3 pounds:
Small: 13 - 17 lbs. Medium: 18 - 24 lbs. Large: 25+ lbs.

Have more questions? Please e-mail us your questions or comments!