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Homegrown Pork

All of our animals are raised humanely, with respect and care in natural surroundings. We believe, that while they are grown ultimately for food, their lives should be as comfortable, clean and enjoyable as possible. They are raised in a natural environment with plenty of room to exhibit natural behaviors.

We raise our pigs from piglets in a large pen where they have shelter and access to the outdoors. They are never placed on cement, but instead offered an extensive grassy area to move, run and stretch. Pigs are social animals and enjoy interaction and playing with each other. They are very clean animals given the opportunity to seperate their eating, sleeping and bathroom areas. Our pigs too, are fed a natural grain diet which is complemented with fresh produce daily.

Our flash frozen pork is available in custom cut 1/2 or whole options. This includes all of your favorite cuts of meat including, pork chops, roasts, bacon, ham, and sausage. A deposit of $100 for 1/2 and $150 for whole will hold your order. Pork is ready in late October - Early November.