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Our Beginnings

"Long before we were married, David and I talked about the farm we wanted to have someday. We each had ideas and dreams about how our farm would look and run. I wanted to raise replacement heifers and David wanted to raise nursery stock and Christmas trees. We had specific criteria about the amount of land we needed (50 plus acres) and the type of house and barn we wanted (structurally sound barn and an OLD house.)

We spent weekends searching the papers and following leads on farm properties. My father, an experienced contractor, would accompany us and tell us not to even look through the house till he inspected the cellar and came up with positive news.

The search went on for six years until we found the farm we wanted and could afford. We were in a hurry at this point, as we wanted to move out of Massachusetts before our children started school. After years of hunting our requirements had changed and we learned what we really needed and what we could do without. We could always buy more land and design the barn that would work for us. In the end, we found the house of our dreams and it even passed Dad’s inspection!

Our house is a 1790 twin chimney Colonial which sits atop a ridge and is surrounded by 20 acres of open and wooded land. In the 1800’s it was a 24-room inn that served as a stagecoach stop on the route from Portsmouth to Conway. In 1957, a fire started by a hunter reduced the inn and two attached barns to a 10-room house. Since moving in on New Year’s Eve 1985 we have been painting, wallpapering, stripping floors and woodwork – every winter there is a new project. Since the property didn’t have a barn, we went about designing one and have also built several out buildings to house the pigs, chickens and turkeys. The 20 acres has now expanded to 30 acres, but with land as with money - one can never have enough! After 25 years of hard work, we have grown into a working farm that not only provides us with quality meat, but affords us the option of selling our products to discerning people who care how their food is raised and where it comes from."

 - Lawreen Sher Strauch, Owner & Operator


Our house in the 1800's

The new barn going up in the summer of 1986

Our first chicken house being built in the winter of 1988


Posing in the new pig house built in the summer of 1987

We purchased our first new tractor in 1986