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Roaster Chickens

All of our animals are raised humanely, with respect and care in natural surroundings. We believe, that while they are grown ultimately for food, their lives should be as comfortable, clean and enjoyable as possible. They are raised in a natural environment with plenty of room to exhibit natural behaviors.

Our chicks are brooded in a nursery with a heat source that mimics a mother hen until they are fully feathered. They are then moved to a hoop house where they have an abundance of space to eat, drink, rest and catch a breeze from the southwest prevailing winds. This housing protects them from the elements and wild birds that may carry avian flu. The grain fed is custom mixed to meet their nutritional requirements with no growth stimulants, hormones or feed grade antibiotics added.  Fresh water is always available.

Chickens are processed on-site and packaged in freezer friendly vaccum sealed bags. They are available June - October.

Chicken products available: whole roaster chickens (4.5 - 6 lbs.), 1/2 chicken, chicken legs & thighs package (2 of each per package), bone-in breasts (2 per package), boneless breasts (2 per package) & chicken tenders.

We also sell chicken parts for those feeding raw diets to their dogs!