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Thanksgiving Turkeys

All of our animals are raised humanely, with respect and care in natural surroundings. We believe, that while they are grown ultimately for food, their lives should be as comfortable, clean and enjoyable as possible. 

The turkeys, like our chickens are brooded in a nursery with a heat source that mimics a mother hen until they are fully feathered and then move on to the main barn where they reside in a large airy pen with self feeders and waterers. They are free to stretch, move about and have plenty of space to exhibit natural habits. They are fed a diet of custom mixed grain to meet their nutritional requirements (free of growth stimulants and hormones) which is supplemented with fresh garden produce. 

Our turkeys are never frozen, but rather processed on site the weekend before Thanksgiving to ensure freshness. Visit our FAQ page for answers to our most commonly asked turkey questions!

Turkey products available: whole fresh Thanksgiving turkey, half turkey (great for grilling!) fresh-frozen holiday turkeys, turkey legs (2 per pack), turkey wings (2 per pack), turkey breast cutlets (1 lb packages) and turkey burger (1 lb packages.)